Alex Miller dubbed Mr. Crusader Knights 2017

Students, family and friends gathered together on Saturday, Feb. 25 to see the Crusader Knights candidates perform in the 2017 showdown. The competition, that drew its inspiration from the Oscars, celebrated its 25th year with odes to films like Rudy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Like Mike, The Karate Kid, and TheContinue reading “Alex Miller dubbed Mr. Crusader Knights 2017”

University shows love, reaches out to Belton community

The Belton and Temple communities have been impacted by the university and student-led events since the university moved to Belton in 1886. As the university grows larger, more and more students are reaching out to the community to provide help and support. Through different programs like Reaching Out and the BSM’s many ministries, the communityContinue reading “University shows love, reaches out to Belton community”

Contestants prepare for Miss MHB pageant

Posted by the Bells on Oct 13, 2017 The Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor pageant has been an annual tradition at the university since the 1950’s. However, the pageant we know today was a little different when it first premiered on campus. Originally titled the Miss Bluebonnet Pageant, the pageant was later changed to the Miss MaryContinue reading “Contestants prepare for Miss MHB pageant”

ASL students host week of events to spread awareness

Published in the March 29, 2017 issue of The Bells Deaf Awareness Month is here and the campus’ Sign Language program will be hosting Deaf Awareness Week (DAW), March 28-30. The week of events promotes awareness of the deaf community, what deaf culture looks like, and what the deaf community values. It also encourages studentsContinue reading “ASL students host week of events to spread awareness”