Adopting a furry friend – tips and tricks

One main question someone asks themselves when looking for a pet is: should I adopt from a shelter or buy from a breeder? There are pros and cons to both sides, but I believe that adopting from the shelter is the best way to go once you are prepared and ready to dedicate your timeContinue reading “Adopting a furry friend – tips and tricks”

Embracing more multilingualism in schools

With the new president-elect Donald Trump entering the White House this January, there have been a lot of concerns over the decisions he’s made at the start of his presidency. This has caused the media to miss reporting on wonderful events. Something that was not reported on by the media at the beginning of thisContinue reading “Embracing more multilingualism in schools”

Importance of knowing the history behind Thanksgiving

Posted by the Bells on Nov 15, 2017 Thanksgiving is a holiday many Americans look forward to. From the food and the Sunday football games to the family gatherings, Thanksgiving is a holiday that holds a special place in our hearts. What started out as a tradition to symbolize peace, later turned to hatred betweenContinue reading “Importance of knowing the history behind Thanksgiving”

Should the campus become closed?

Posted by the Bells on Feb 9, 2018 There are only two major events that happened on campus in the past few years that would cause concern. On Jan. 25, an email was sent out to students and faculty about a suspicious man whom they were hoping to identify. According to campus police, he didContinue reading “Should the campus become closed?”

Why schools should not require teachers to carry guns.

Published in The Bells newspaper on April 25, 2018 On May 6, 1940, 38-year-old Verlin H. Spencer shot and killed five of his co-workers and wounded two others at South Pasadena Junior High School in California ( On Feb. 2, 1960, 44-year-old school Principal Leonard Redden killed two staff members inside their classrooms at William ReedContinue reading “Why schools should not require teachers to carry guns.”