10 Apps that Fight Global Poverty

With technology always growing and changing it is now easier than ever to fight poverty and support different organizations in fun and unique ways. What better way to fight poverty with something everyone has: a phone. US adults will spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018. ThereContinue reading “10 Apps that Fight Global Poverty”

Women’s basketball expected to finish season strong

The women’s basketball team is victorious again after winning their home game against Concordia University on Saturday, Feb. 9. During the first half of the game, both teams had great form and strategy, each fighting to keep the lead. The Tornados quickly took the lead during the first quarter, but the Cru gave them littleContinue reading “Women’s basketball expected to finish season strong”

Activities for singles on Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be fun – and nobody needs to feel lonely because they don’t have a date or significant other for the occasion. There are plenty of things singles can do to have fun on Valentine’s Day. 1. Appreciate the day. First things first, approach Valentine’s Day as another fun specialContinue reading “Activities for singles on Valentine’s Day”

Jácome Flamenco troupe ignites the Performing Arts Center

The latest Highways and Byways performance in the Sue and Frank Mayborn Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Jan. 24, left audience members in awe. Jácome Flamenco, led by Chris B. Jácome, performed breathtaking flamenco routines that had the crowd bobbing their heads and tapping their feet along with the music. During the introduction, Jácome encouragedContinue reading “Jácome Flamenco troupe ignites the Performing Arts Center”

“How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy conclusion conquers box office

The “How to Train Your Dragon” (HTTYD) series has sadly come to an end with the release of the latest film “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” on Feb. 22. This hour and 44-minute movie neatly ties up all loose ends while enticing audiences with breathtaking animation, multi-dimensional characters and great story progression. The HTTYD franchise is successful, and allContinue reading ““How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy conclusion conquers box office”