Nursing Student Association hosts chili cook-off

UMHB’s Nursing Student Association (NSA) hosted their third annual chili cook-off just in time for the cold front on Monday, March 4. Students and faculty came together for a friendly competition to decide who makes the best chili and the best dessert. The event, which was held in the lobby of the Isabelle Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center, had a successful turnout. Attendees gave five dollars to the NSA as a donation and received a bowl, sample cups, and a dessert tray. If the chili they chose left them wanting more, attendees could refill their bowls for three dollars. The purpose of the student vs. faculty chili competition was to raise money for prizes, future events, NSA graduation cords and various other expenses that the organization has.

Attendees could choose from vegetarian, beef, chicken, spicy or mild chili, as well as a variety of toppings and desserts. At the end of the line, students and faculty could cast their vote for who should win the awards for best chili

and best dessert. The contestant with the most votes would receive a $25 gift card to Chili’s, while the runner-up would receive an Amazon gift card. The winner of the dessert contest would receive a Chick-fil-A gift card. Winners of the cook-off were Rebecca Starkey (who received first place for her white chili) and Cristy Simmons (who won second place for her spicy chili). The winner of the dessert contest was Amy Sanders, who made Reese’s cupcakes.

Dr. Amy Mersiovsky, an assistant professor of nursing at UMHB, provided two pies for the events dessert competition and attended the event. “I think it was really good. This is a fun activity that is done every year; it’s a good way for us to have a friendly competition between the students and the faculty.”

Senior nursing major Brianna Turner attended the cook-off and was very pleased with the results.

“It was freaking delicious…I got [chili] number one. It is unique because it had chicken in it instead,” Turner said.

To find out more about NSA, visit the Student Organizations section on UMHB’s website and select “Nursing Student Association” from the list of all organizations.

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