Where are they now- Barry Elkins

Barry Elkins entered UMHB as a freshman in 1992 and graduated with a Physical Education major and a biology minor in 1997. He received his teaching certificate from the university and went on to teach biology in public school while coaching soccer.

While at UMHB, Elkins played soccer from 1992-1995 as no. 15 and tennis from 1993-1995. It was during this time that he met his wife. They now have two teenage boys and live here in Belton. Elkins attended UMHB before it had a football program and the school was considered an NIA school instead of an NCAA school. After graduating, Elkins taught biology for 15 years in Belton ISD and coached soccer for the school system.

Then, in 2012, there was an opening as the women’s soccer coach here at UMHB. Elkins said he knew some of the coaches who worked at UMHB and believed the university was a great place to work. He applied for the position and was offered the job.

Elkins claims that when he first moved jobs it was weird getting used to not having over 100 students to teach. Now he could just focus on his team of around 30 girls.

He says that interacting with the students was his favorite part of his teaching career, but he adjusted easily to coaching his team instead of teaching 200 students. And he says he enjoys what he does here at UMHB.

Elkins has worked as the head coach for the past five years and says he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He wants to continue coaching for as long as he can. As head soccer coach for the women’s team, he is required to coach them in soccer, but he also helps them grow and become the best students they can be when they are not on the field.

Elkins believes being an alumnus of UMHB has helped him when it comes to the recruiting part of his job.

Knowing the students’ side has helped him to understand the school and what makes the school enjoyable for students. He tries to help new recruits fall in love with the school as he did.

“I came to play soccer, but I stayed because I enjoyed the school,” Elkins said.


Published in the February 8, 2017 issue of The Bells

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