What students need to know before registering

Posted by the Bells on Oct 26, 2017

Registration for spring and summer classes will open Monday, Oct. 31 for seniors and honors students. It will continue throughout the week for each class. Here are some ways to be prepared for advising and registration for the upcoming semester.
Students should be aware of who their advisor is and how to contact that person. They can obtain this information by logging onto myCampus and selecting the “personal info” button on the left sidebar. Students can then choose the “Academic info” tab and the advisor’s name should be listed near the top right side.
Students can prepare for these sessions by becoming familiar with their degree plans. They should have an idea of what classes they want to register for.

Mass communications professor Dr. Avery Green advises senior public relations major Shylee Smith with her degree plan. Photo by Madeline Oden/The Bells

Those looking for information about the spring, May minimester and summer classes can go to myCampus and choose the “My Academics” tab. In the “Register or Search for Courses” portal, click on “Course Search.” Here students can fill in what term, department, course code, division, and course title they are seeking. Fill in the necessary boxes and click search.
For example, if a student is searching for an art class, they would enter the term (spring 2018), the department (art), and division (undergraduate). If they already know the course code or title, they should be able to quickly find a specific course.
One thing students in the College of Business should be aware of are the changes being made to the business degree plans. Mr. Larry Locke, the associate dean and professor in the McLane College of Business, explained that administrators decided to make the courses more flexible and personalized to a student’s career goals.
“We determined that our BBA degrees were all strong but unnecessarily restrictive and that [the alterations] might allow our majors to more personally craft their degrees to suit their career aspirations,” Locke said.
The College of Business is merging a few classes, creating a couple of new classes, and moving the higher-level classes and lower-level classes around to make them more personalized and “transfer friendly.” This will go into effect fall of 2018 but the professors wanted to let students know about the change in case they wanted to alter their degree plans.
Current students can continue along their current degree plans, but it is recommended that they compare their current BBA and the newer BBA on the UMHB website to see if the new BBA is better suited towards their needs. However, once a student switches degree plans they cannot revert to their old one nor can they merge requirements from the two.
If a student switches
they will have to fully switch degree plans. For the next five years, the College will be offering classes for the old degree plans less and less until all the students on the old degree plan have graduated. If a student needs a course that is no longer offered there will be substitution courses available.
“Juniors and seniors can look it over, but since they are so far in they could continue on their current path. Sophomores and freshmen are recommended to compare their degree plans with the new plans to see what is right for them,” Locke said. “Business is a broad umbrella… It’s all business, but there are eight different degree plans. We are doing this to help students tailor their degree plans more towards their career goals.”


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