Student art exhibit now open

Published in the March 29, 2017 issue of The Bells

The university’s art program has officially opened its doors to the annual student art exhibit.

Student artists submitted 107 pieces of art and only 45 pieces of art were selected to be displayed in the gallery.

Earlier this year, students were encouraged to submit up to three pieces of art to be judged for display by this year’s art judge: Patrick Veerkamp.

Veerkamp was an art professor for over 30 years at Southwestern University in Georgetown and recently retired.

Veerkamp and a few selected jurors went through the works of art and chose the ones that are currently displayed in the gallery.

The art department believes that having an outside opinion come and judge the art pieces will give students an idea of what they’ll face outside the walls of the university.


Art professor Hershall Seals doubles as the Department Chair & Director for Baugh Center for the Visual Arts Art Gallery.

“The quality is definitely there, and the judge chose very good works,” Seals said.

Seals believes this art gallery is a good learning experience for students and provides different experiences through the artworks displayed.

Students can get a sense of validation for the work that they put into their pieces and can see that it is appreciated by others.

Seals said his favorite thing about hosting this event is seeing the camaraderie between the students.

“They’re learning about each other’s art. Students whose works aren’t a part of the show still take part in the process, and exhibit and are encouraged to re-enter later on,” Seals said.

During the contest, there were 20 students who received an honorable mention: Laura Yates, Callie Millegan, Isaac Barnhill (two awards), Erin Dona, Rebekah Brooks, Rebecca Macias, Anastasia Hale, Tori Redding (two awards), Jessica Theilacker, Samantha Juarez, Patti Cummings, Chriscina Lampkin, Madeline Hernandez, Ariana Baptiste, Ariel Davis and Courtney Vela.

Rebekah Brooks won “Best of Show” for her watercolor painting “Moody, Texas Fever Dream.”

Brandon Luna won third place for his set of porcelain vases entitled “Amber and Blue, Mystery and Black, Celadon and Amber.”

Maria Ramos won second place for her digital painting “My traditions, heritage and culture.”

And Danielle East won first place for her sculpture “An Ode to Those Who Know Why the Cage Bird Sings.”

“I feel like all my work paid off and all the time I spent in college and being an art major will work out,” East said.

The art gallery is filled with sculptures, drawings, paintings, photography, and much more.

The gallery will be open until April 7 in the Baugh Center for Visual Arts Gallery.

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