UMHB Men’s Soccer versus Letourneau University

Published in the Bells on September 26, 2018

UMHB’s very own men’s soccer team won 6-1 against LeTourneau University on Saturday, Sept. 15, on the UMHB soccer field. But don’t let the score fool you, this game was very intense and both teams played wonderfully. The skills on each team were apparent all throughout the game as both teams took charge of the ball numerous times. However, LeTourneau was no match for the Cru’s speed and endurance in the end.

Not long after the game started, LeTourneau’s sophomore forward Varney Carter (12) scored a goal and took back the record for the fastest goal scored in a soccer game at 11 seconds for LeTourneau. UMHB held the original record, which was scored at LeTourneau in 16 seconds by Jeremy Whitehurst in 2006. After both teams and the crowd shook off the shock, the game started to pick up again and the cru stepped up their game in all areas.  Carl Smith, father of junior midfielder Corey Smith (20) said he believes the first goal really fired up the Cru and strengthen their determination.

Four minutes after the first goal was scored, sophomore mid-fielder Tyler Childs (14) scored the equalizer shot for the Cru ringing the score to 1-1. The teams then played keep away as the ball bounced between both teams until the next goal was scored at the 11-minute mark by freshman forward and mid-fielder Patrick Roach (8) making the score 2-1. For the next 30 minutes, UMHB and Letourneau went back and forth as both sides fought to keep hold of the ball. The next goal was scored at the 43-minute mark by the Cru’s junior mid-fielder Martin Lopez (21), leaving the score 3-1 by halftime. At the end of the first half, the Cru attempted 6 shots and 0 saves and LeTourneau made one shot and two saves.

After halftime, the Cru took LeTourneau head on as if a force had awakened in them. During the next 45 minutes, the Cru scored the fourth goal 12 minutes into the second half by sophomore forward Seth Neveloff (17) which was shortly followed up by another Cru goal 11 minutes later by Patrick Roach. The score was now 5-1 in the first 25 minutes of the second half.

LeTourneau held strong on defense as the Cru kept charging and was able to steal the ball numerous times. They even got close to our goal twice and attempted to score, but senior goalkeeper Travis Aday (1) stopped the ball both times. Around the 36-minute mark of the second half, junior mid-fielder Marcelo Gaitan (10) scored the last goal for the Cru, bringing the final score to 6-1. When the buzzer sounded the crowd cheered for a game well played on both sides.

As of Saturday, Sept. 22, the Cru has won six games and lost two. The next game for men’s soccer will be on Saturday sept. 27 at Belhaven University in Mississippi.

Photo gallery here

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