The Beast

The beast resides in the darkness

It feeds on weak and weary souls

It leaves nothing but despair in its wake.

Broken, I crumble

I Underestimated it

It was smarter, bigger, and more lethal than expected

I couldn’t handle it

I was overtaken within minutes, its nostrils flare with smoke as its gaping jaw closing around me

I couldn’t believe it.

I am being swallowed whole, plunging down its slippery wet throat

I can’t grab hold, I reach and I grasp for anything but to no avail

I reach the cold dark stomach, I cannot see

The darkness is overwhelming.

I’m drowning, I can hardly breath

The abyss takes over me

I sink deeper into the pit in defeat.

Repaired, I rise

Still, I hold onto hope

I refuse to let the darkness win

I fight and fight with all my might

I break the surface, grasping life once more

In my hand is hope, in my hand is my weapon

I clutch at the demon’s sides

I cannot see but I do not let that hinder me

I strike, nothing happens

I strike again, still nothing

I slide across the walls of the beast, searching for weakness

I strike and pierce through

I see light

I fight, I struggle, I scream, but I’m met with rebuttal

I refuse to die

I scratch, I climb, I kick, I cry, and I finally break through

Light floods in and I see everything

The beast is dead and rules no more

I live in the light, for the light gave me the freedom I yearned for stuck in the belly of the beast.

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